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“Six In One” is the story of blackmail, murder and espionage written by Tanya M. Dixon. The story begins with the questionable suicide death of tycoon entrepreneur Harold Boyer of Boyer Industries. His friend and attorney Adria Cole is the only person who knows the truth behind his death and his tumultuous business relationship with sleazy real estate entrepreneur Randall Mack. The story centers on the unraveling of truth that happens five years following Harold’s death and begins with one incident…the theft of the Boyer Industries laptop with company and client information—reviving a horrible past of secrets and deception. For only Adria knows the depths of Harold’s dishonorable dealings in the South African diamond industry, which also resulted in the deaths of South African political figure Alhassan Akwasi and Harold’s former wife, Vivian Boyer.

In addition to the theft of the laptop, Adria must face the surviving sons of Alhassan Akwasi, Gideon and Gabriel, who have come to the United States for the launch of their diamond warehouse. Adria’s friend, Deirdre Stokes, is a diamond dealer for Boyer Industries is interested in developing a relationship with the Akwasi brothers, but their attention is focused on Adria—the one person that they feel can avenge their father’s death. Adria meets Deirdre’s new superior, Todd Avery, a diamond investor for the company. Todd will do anything to excel in business, even if it means blackmail and murder. During the love affair between Todd and Adria, Todd finds out that Adria and her five girlfriends involved themselves in a heist to retrieve the stolen laptop of Boyer Industries left in the care of girlfriend Cherilynn Ramsey. Todd uses his knowledge of this event to take advantage of Adria, Deirdre, Cherilynn and their other three friends Mona, Trina and Kim by blackmailing them to seize diamonds from Randall. 

The ladies successfully carry out Todd’s orders, but Todd has now put himself in position to experience the dark side of Randall Mack and the Akwasi brothers. The heist sets off a trail of murder and deception as dark secrets are revealed, some of which question Adria’s loyalties to her friends and her involvement in illegal activities. In order to carry on the legacy of Boyer Industries, Adria silently works with the FBI to uncover hidden truths while combating the unpredictable perils of fate that almost cost the ladies their friendship and their lives. 

This film has the female camaraderie of “Waiting To Exhale”, the suspense of “The Score”, and it carefully and skillfully unveils twists and plots like “The Departed”. The story is mainly told from Adria’s point of view. Her actions raise the question as to whether she is actually protecting her female clique and Harold’s legacy or if she has involved herself in illegal activities for her own person gain. Is Adria guilty of hiding Harold’s secrets in order to save herself from federal charges or does she have a personal vendetta with Randall Mack? In the words of villain, Randall Mack, it’s “Six in one, half a dozen in the other”. You decide…

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“Six In One”  was written and will be directed by Tanya M. Dixon.  Tanya is the CEO and owner of Tandimonium Films (under the parent company Tandi Enterprises Holding).


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Six in One