Six in One


A Story about Loyalty... or is it Deception?

About the Film


Six in One is a suspense thriller story of blackmail, murder and espionage written by Tanya M. Dixon. The story begins with the questionable suicide death of tycoon entrepreneur Harold Boyer of Boyer Industries. His friend and attorney Adria Cole is the only person who knows the truth behind his death and his tumultuous business relationship with sleazy real estate entrepreneur Randall Mack. The story centers on the unraveling of truth that happens five years following Harold’s death and begins with one incident…the theft of the Boyer Industries laptop with company and client information—reviving a horrible past of secrets and deception. 

 Adria's actions raise the question as to whether she is actually protecting her female clique and Harold’s legacy or if she has involved herself in illegal activities for her own personal gain. Is Adria guilty of hiding Harold’s secrets in order to save herself from federal charges or does she have a personal vendetta with Randall Mack? In the words of villain, Randall Mack, it’s “Six in one, half a dozen in the other.” You decide… 

Director & Cast

The movie will be directed by writer/director Tanya M. Dixon.

Six in One

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